Printer antics

Got a handful of good alternatives for the holiday card out last evening. Fell back on a few calligraphic inspired images (which is a nice thing to have in the back pocket) that turned out nicely...Even a multi-lingual "Peace" layout which can be so predictable turned out to be fun...and look good. Got a nice new font, "Jupiter" with a bunch of different variations, small caps, and a few dozen nice ligature sets. So fiddling with that was nice too.

A. ran in another local race. Came in third. He is thrilled with his ability to place. I hope he doesnt push it too much and blow out his knees etc. He is growing so much...I worry. Maybe I should call the doctor and be worried with him...versus imposing on poor A. I am pushing calcium and protein--so we will see.

Working on frames and urns on Memento Mori. R. took a look at them and remarked they looked very Mary Blair. Not intentional...but a compliment nonetheless. The urns are beginning to look a little more finished and almost logo like. Do I want things to tighten up this much? or is that good? For me, its good as long as I manage it. I could put an image like this in front of a client when I need to do logotypes/ or symbols...and I would have never in recent past, presented a hand drawn image for a logo...only cranked up on the computer, totally finished and finalized. I might not have that need now.

The lulu book is going out early next week. I have also made up an 8 panel, accordian folded piece with some of the Memento Mori images that I am stuggling to have the silly epson switch to the roll paper (roll media). If it looks good...there might be some mileage in this format. Now, I need to press erase buttons, pat the top of the printer, turn it on and off, resave the piece and resend it. And then, curiously, it sometimes decides to behave. Urg.

More later