Midweek jazz

Churning on the whimsies of the holidays. Worried about getting off the blocks on this one...and somehow have jumped on the wheel and are getting someplace...phew! Working with the pentel and getting some nice scrubby lines...and going to put some stuff together with photoshop. Speaking of photoshop, I am psyched as I just ordered a new edition of Adobe CS3. Should be fun to see the new features especially in illustrator.

Am going to finish up on the first Memento Mori book this weekend. Am also thinking of doing some long output, and doing a few accordian paneled pieces to offer up for sale. I will have the complete book for sale as well. I have 3 cards that I will offer--all for the Art Trail. Am thinking of grouping all of the skull stuff from Syracuse and the complete Memento Mori (to date) in one space...kind of merchandising it all together. I will get my anatomic skull out and also offer a free postcard for taking.

Working on some borders and frames re MM. Also intrigued with the flipped image idea. Need to seriously design one prior to scaling up the sketch. Also, need more patterns (willow, basket, woven) to incorporate in the work. Need more cut shapes. Like whats happening with the urns. Was looking at a plaster mirror frame we have that is in black and old gold...very empire...could really work with this stuff.

I was thumbing through one of the many house magazines we had lying about and ran across a wonderful article on transferware (which I totally adore). There is a nice memento mori hook with this...and would be intrigued about taking a picture of some white china...and merging my illustrations with the shape...or applying illustration to it...as part of either the sketch process or part of the finalization. Let's think, china decoration, skateboards, tattoos, hooked rugs? The Memento Mori lifestyle? Must force orange, lime green and magenta into the designs...

More later.