mid-week progress

Took poor Shady Grove to the vet to find out that she had broken a toe...and needed to have a splint for a month. So, now she is a three legged dog with a turquoise cast that she is trying to make the best of...albeit squirrels and blue jays are out of the picture for the meanwhile. She is very limpy and sad...but trying to put her sweet self into making us not feel so bad about her hurt. We all ache for her attempt to be jaunty albeit on three legs.

Beautiful day here on the plateau. Trees are promising to change though they havent. We have teensy yellow mushrooms growing in the hosta bed. The lawn is lush. Trees are still green. Perennial grasses also still green. Corn and tomatoes still abound. Bricks from the facade fell off of the Hazelnut Kitchen fascia. Tough going on this topic. Book sale coming up next week I think. The running race to celebrate the local inspired teacher and coach coming along. Society of Illustrators application coming on.

A. came in second in his first cross country meet. Big things there.

Actually did thumbnails for the new memento mori images. Still on the sinuous and florid. On fire about that. Too bad I need to work.

Back to square one on holiday cards for a client. I have big hours into this...and here we are again. Need to move on it. FIrst I need to sleep on it.