Start of a new week

Lots of little things to do today, do this week, tidy up the head, the piles of junk/papers and books, get the SOI entries done. K starts a pottery class today. A has his first cross country meet tomorrow. The Chris Bond image needs to be finalized. R. suggested the shoe was a bit morbid (with or without wings) and that maybe we should look at a "compass rose" approach instead...more about positive directions...and not about a fallen soldier.

Working with a nice piece of reference of a skull with flowers twining with the eye sockets. It is a bas relief, but feels very Will Bradley, William Morris-y. The idea of a floral image juxatosed with the skull is good...and evocative. Adams skull at the base of the cross. Growth from death. Regeneration kind of thing. There is a nice, huge thistle in the reference too...maybe I can work one in in the group that comes from this.

Work beckons. More later

Image above is one of yesterday's sketchbook pages. Corner skull is going to morph into a frame. the silhouettes of the urns are going to morp into a spread of sihouettes and also serve as photoshop fodder.