Sunday Sunday

We were invited to a lovely fall picnic complete with roasting pigs, delicious food, a gorgeous fire with a perfect stone fire circle, an interesting group of smart and cool people and then totally artful fireworks. The fireworks were designed and ignited by friends of one of our hostesses--IT/ Computer Science guys who are entertained by this in their spare time. There were screaming squiggles, large evocative puffs that hung in the air and the absolute best, a silver waterfall over a tall stone wall that R claimed all we needed was a heavy metal group to play along with it. Wagging tails and friendly dogs abounded--many of them grinning in their happiness. K. was delighted by the sheer biology and anatomical aspects of the pigs. She marveled at the beasts--pleased by the kidneys, of all things. And she is still happily a carnivore. We were honored to be included in the group as it was a fun time, beautiful time and a chance to be outside in the cold air.

R to paint the outline of the soon to be new driveway. A playing basketball with friends. More laundry to beat the band. I have groceries and cooking and getting ready for next week as my musts.

Memento mori continues. Everlife Memorials gets into the easy listening interpretation of symbols here>> with my favorite reference to dogs saying: "Modern dogs only imply that the master was worth loving." Sad. Nothing more to say about the deceased but that they were worth loving. Pathetic. It is nice that those colonial Americans didn't need to be marketed to. You had some choices, but simple ones unless you were very well to do, and could afford a portrait or something way over the top like the Susanna Jayne headstone/ footstone extravaganza in Marblehead. This baby is a total symbol blowout with a skeleton bust crowned with a laurel wreath, cupids, bats, hourglass and bones, and the cosmic sun and moon. And this is just the headstone. Whoa. The images are whimsical in their expression...friendly and very inviting. Not scary in the least bit. I love the abbreviation of the ribcage and spine...gets the point across without over complicating things.

Worked yesterday on the MM book--socking in copy, modifying some of the spreads. Looking with new eyes at some of the work. Am anxious to work on some frames and borders along with working more closely with the reference as the work is getting a little out there and losing some of the tightness that the earlier stuff had. Am also interested in working on some frames and borders using the imagery and meld it with my impression of hobo art/antiques. The thick shapes might be fun to mix in with it. Also need to cut some more paper. Is a great starting point with the slash interpretations coming out of the cannon.

Colorguard was selling chicken barbeque today with a few girls standing by the road doing cartwheels and twirling their white "guns". Feels like fall. The weatherman suggests there might be frost tonight. Seems a bit early. I hope not.