High on the Plateau

I am "taken" with the willow during the past day. More to come. The willow skull was last night's picture. The willow and urn this morning. Plans to create a bunch of background patterns with the same willow--along with building some more pictures with this linear pattern to fill the space. Plus, I can use the jaggity pattern I used as the main pattern in avian flu as part of the roots... I love the willow as it's florid, leafy and linear and can be rendered graphically in a bunch of ways juxtposed to the root system which can be the counterpoint to what is above ground. I will be socking these into the Lulu book which now verges on 60 pages (not the assigned 8-12 pps). Oops! I cant be flunked for trying a litttle.

Working on some wine labels today. Also, some Cornell thises and thats. Got the LA illos out. Getting NYC out tomorrow (with some printing today). Perfect day. Cool and crisp. Blue skies, olive green leaves and lush grass. More rain expected.

Our friend and neighbor, Joel came over yesterday to tell me about this 5K race the Tburg Rotary is running on October 21st. He (along with those who knew, learned or loved) was mourning the passing of a significant community member, Chris Bond. Chris was a physics teacher in our high school, affecting many, many students--many moving on in their education becoming physicists and scientists due to the teaching, passion and interest their teacher sparked in them. He was instrumental in the soccer program touching other communities of students who might not have been the science types. When people talk about him, they begin to wax about his gifts and spirit in a poetic way.

Christopher H. Bond Obituary from the Ithaca Journal>>

Many tears have been shed as Chris has died from cancer. His memorial service will be at the High School on Saturday.It promised to be another sad day--yet in the same way enlightening as the community really turns out for these services--and the community embrace is something I have never experienced before. It is spiritual in the power of the love and care of our little town and village. To get back to Joel, his race has been renamed and dedicated to Chris Bond--by making it the Chris Bond Tburg Rotary, 5K Run and they need a mark/tee shirt graphic. No problem. Just a question of what. We are on a tight deadline...but that shouldn't stand in the way of getting something good. Happy. Not in the grim mode I am working in.

More later>>