High blue sky

Beautiful, cool, bluesky day. K. had a snow jacket and hat on that I had to coax her not to tote to school as it will hopefully warm up a bit. Spending time prepping my files and filling in paperwork for the Society of Illustrators Annual Show (due 10.01) and the Society of Illustrators/ Los Angeles Show (due 09.17). Chokers CD, new Baker dog card, and some burka pieces are going out. Maybe the new logotype for the Museum of Glass (the Myers Weinstein logotype) or the pumpkin>? Dunno. I like having a little window of time to think about it instead of the traditional throw it out the door.

Epson was funky and not laying the color down...everything looking chalky. So, after a bunch of powercleaning, a turning the paper and checking regularly, I was able to get that right and tight. My powerbook was freaking out--that we couldnt fix with the folks online--so Apple is sending me a box to ship it off to the big repair studio in the sky. All their expense. Thank goodness for Apple Care. The first time pays for the entire subscription. If you don't have it, I swear that though it's a pinch when you buy the equipment--which you do not remember when the computer freaks and misbehaves. So, the powerbook goes on vacation for ten days or so.

New wine opportunities with Juice Box Wines. New varietals soon to come (yeah!). Last year's issues have been resolved and paid for and we truly move forward. I am excited about the future for this little company.

Working on more Memento Mori pix. Working on some half rounds like at the top, some skull/willow combos, and some women/skull or urn combos. Pulled a few images into photoshop and did some little mixes a la the slash stuff in black and white. Will post a few later just to keep you posted. I am socking these images into an InDesign book as we go--looking at the spreads and tones. Am up to 60 pps...and if this continues through the end of October, this will be quite a volume. As it goes, I will put them into spreads sequentially--mixing stuff into other spreads as it goes. Burning through pentel cartridges.

Chet the lawnmower man hard at work given the buckets of rain (weathermen called it a "soak") we have had. Computer to go out. Bags to Sals. Bags of books to the library for the Fall sale.

Gotta go.