perfect day to turn 14

Today is A's 14th bday. We have had the great presentation of the presents--skaterwear, dvd movies, old cds (ZZTop, Metallica, Bob Marley etc. from, and a camera to his surprise (and I hope happiness). We are finishing a birthday lunch with a lemon poppy seed cake and burgers and preparing for a trip to see the Rochester Red Wings play with hopefully, more of the sicko mascots (Roger Clamson etc.) It is gloriously clear, the wind whipping, sailboats cruising by...but cool enough that sweaters do not seem out of order. After all, it is September...time to get the wool back out of the back of the closet, and back on our backs. Ah, summer. It is amazing that we have had 14 years with this wonderful boy...such a gift from the bony 5 pound, 21" inch smiling infant to the towering young man @ 6", deep voice and winning smile...that are turning girls' heads everywhere he goes. He is loving movies these days citing Quentin Tarentino and Stanley Kubrick as his favorite directors. Metallica, Bob Marley and Jimmy Hendrix on the top of his musical charts. Within this context (re music) it is as if (when we were his age) we were listening happily to music made 40 years ago...taking us to tunes of the 30s. Yipes!

Working away with cut paper and inking shapes. I am on to the death heads on the short cupid style wings from the Marblehead burial ground. Was cutting some urns that could evolve into a border? or a side detail. Passion still there.

Feeling positive about what I am going to say to the Seminar students at Syracuse. The how I got from here to there ending up in Tburg and running my own show is essentially the talk...with some portfolio and illustration....but more about the progression and learning around all the change. Also, would be good for any of the girls in the audience to see how another girl figured it out. There is no clear way to have a job and kids at the same time. The more options they hear about, the more options they will understand versus the learning on your own program I have been through.

Delivered the work to the Community Arts Partnership late Thursday for the opening next Friday. R. to France on Saturday. Lucky duck.

More later. Need to get in front of the lunch dishes and moving the kinder into the wonderbus to get rolling to do a little basketball shoe shopping prior to dinner before the game (maybe the Rochester Dinosaur Barbecue)?