Single Day Project

To design and illustrate a CD (all graphics and type) for a CD we each were to bring to the class. Only big requirements...One color, black and white xeroxable. Had some fun fiddling with the type and monkeying with a photograph which seemed to be okay with Whitney. The crowd was grumpy with this project except for the two of us who come from a graphic design background. I like the way the type is looking.

Whitney presented her work, her viewpoint and her hopes for the MICA program under her direction. What is great about Whitney as she is constantly changing and growing, shedding a former skin as she moves forward and all builds one idea on top of the last. She had a lovely month in France last year--under a MICA managed program in France that she encouraged all of us to apply for. The work she accomplished was beautiful and thought provoking. I am very inspired by her as an artist, a person with lots of gumption and brains with a lovely personality and sense of humor. Her strength and opinions should hold her in great stead with her work, her students and her passions benefiting from her energy and intelligence. Whitney Sherman has been a terrific add--finally a thinker that lives beyond oil painting for all of us...not to denegrade the unbelievable Gary Kelly.

There is a lot of talk about the class behind us having their show in NYC during ICON. It worries me as the messaging seems rather wierd...somehow celebrating the knife being stuck in the 28 yr progression of illustration study (ISDP) at Syracuse--with 4 future graduates that might not be as strong a group as there have been in the past. I posed that to John T. and he blew it off as it it was of no import to him. I pushed him to say, that it might reflect badly on the institution or even his undergraduate program...and he again, said it did not affect him. Whoa. I cannot control this, so I need to let this go. It freaks me out a little--it somehow feels sad and tacky at the same time.

More later>>