Wonderful drive

I drove up the hill and got a dozen ears of corn ($2.75/dozen--which normally goes for about $4/doz.--I guess the rain is helping things)from the amish farmstand north of Rt 96. Then, I bought 2 boxes of tomatoes ($3.@), a pint of blueberries($3.50@), a box of regular peaches ($3), 4 onions ($.50@), a big container of patty pan squash ($2.75) and the most exotic (pictured above), donut peaches. White flesh,teensy/tiny pit, freestone, sweeeet...the man at the stand referred to them as the "krispy kreme of peaches". Not far from the truth--they are all GONE!More tomorrow, I think for the drive up to Syracuse.

It is domesticity compounded. Two loads of laundry. No carbon drying on the line. A blueberry cake in the offing. Cornell chicken in marinade. Lunch for the troops. Fresh iced tea on the porch with the wind blowing, whitecaps on the lake. A and I are working on all of this. R mowed to perfection. The lawn looks like a golf club.Maybe some pruning later. Need to add pix to the slide show.

Two new fabulous illustration blogs from fellow SU Alumni (as I am an alumnae now--or at least in my mind):

Scott Bakal>>
Jim O'Brien Hartford MFA site>>

Take a look. These guys are excellent illustrators and wonderful people. It will be interesting to see their blogs develop in time--and see their work as it progresses.