Suspended Canoe

The holiday card for the dog client is cute as pie. Really. I think this thing might have "legs" and maybe get into Print Regional and or the lesser of the illustration shows (upcoming deadline). It has been the first of my illustrations to print...and it was very exciting to see it live on press. This stuff prints well with all the flat I am re-energized to start rolling on more dogs, a fox, a llama, a tiger and a few cats for possible use in a pub for the same client. Could look really good...and push that hand/ approach to illustration along.

While on press, I was given a new Steuben catalog to find out there were 4 brand new Q&rc designs finished, photographed and printed. The cupcakes were featured in the section on gifts. Too bad the silver candle was dropped off the really made the piece work. Rob's NYC piece will sell. Kind of makes me want to think about doing some more designs (self motivated)--as they do get done...and they do spin a little $$./

The drive up and back from Rochester was beautiful on 96 to 5 and 20. The produce is bursting this season...with the funny stand after stand of pale green cannonballs of cabbage for sale. Fields and fields of cabbages to be picked and open topped big trucks filled to the brim with them too. Lotsa cabbage and corn (cheap now, $2 a dozen), tomatoes by the bushel, peaches are still here with nectarines coming in. The amish farmstand I support had huge blackberries for $2.50 a huge box. These were black and glossy and as big as a lychee nut each. They had gigantic red peppers for $.35 I have 5 of them ready to roast and keep around. They are so lovely to have. The parking lot sized stands featuring mums on a grid in every color imaginable (except for blue) were in business. This is such a robust time of the year. Everything at full fruition--full bloom, full tilt. Even the huge dahlias, those dinnerplate dahlias are bursting forth. This is the time we should have Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for.

Had a nice swim in the lake last night, and just repeated it early this morning. The sky and water were the same color so it seemed that the canoes we could see from our windows were suspended in the air. The only give away was the shadow on the water that seemed to ripple occasionally.