gleaned from the pile

Here are two looks at possibly how the images of the artists bump up against the type etc. One can be used in its linked state, and then for the show, pulled apart and possibly used as output on scrim banners to add texture to a show of work smaller than a bread box. The other (the janus approach) can be used as a banner but with the heads together...albeit, we could give them art for them to be pulled apart as well with quieter type that may seem more museum-y. I think I ned a little more work on both of the heads...but this is a "sketch" --and the things that make my hair stand on end...isn't noticed by the I will tweak later. Good chance they will take one of these.

Back from an hour down/hour back/ hour in between to have K and A's teeth drilled, filled and painted. Am working on 3 more postcards for a client. One might be a picture made by me...the others would be a type/illo or type/photo modified thing. I would love to get them off my desk by Friday. Things cranking up a bit here... Need to pencil in the SOI LA and SOI NYC shows to make sure I get something in for those shows.

May be giving some illustration work to a senior at SU who has a nice touch that I feel my dog client will cotton to...and see what she comes up for this small job. It should be fun. Lots of potential with this client. Just need to be strategic and value added as much as possible. Lots of fun work.