Water Therapy

I spent the better part of an hour and a half paddling and floating in the lovely water of Cayuga Lake...chatting with the home team, encouraging the black velvet dog to practice her doggie paddle and trying not to get hung up in the aquarium grass that has migrated from people dumping their fishtanks into their sinks and having those plants arrive in our Finger Lakes. It gets downright tall--and you can get hung up in it...my mind races at the opportunity of being brought down by the greenery and chomped by the big carp (which we can see from the dock) with their larger than life teeth. Like monsters under the bed, creating these terrors can cause one to think twice before splashing lightheartedly in the lake. Phew.

I am on full steam with the Lulu book project, the SPCA show (they need the work at the end of the month) and the group show prior to the two weekends of studio visits for the Ithaca Art Trail. So, plate is full (not to mention the work at the office). I plan on a few illustrations for some logotypes needed for the Museum and a few of the 2300˚ postcards needed in the next few weeks as well. So, illustration>> bring it on!

My Lulu book is to be a sketch development--pushing ideas around the idea of Hearts--with the working title being "The Heart of the Matter"--Originally, it started as "The Book of Love" with a a focus on Valentines (which it could still be) but it was going way sacchrine>>thus the migration to hearts so I can delve into poor Saint Valentine and his skull surrounded by roses, the purple heart etc...the sacred heart of Jesus and Mary are tempting too...I have always been fascinated and frightened by their iconography. If it goes towards Valentines, then I will print a bunch and send them to my clients for Valentines day. If it goes toward hearts...(with offensive stuff like the Jesus and Mary stuff), the edition will be much smaller. Lets just see how it develops.

Lulu quotes a perfect bound, 64 pp book, color inside with cover--50 impressions@$13.05 a pop. A singleton of the same is $14.13. The same in black in white...1 is $5.81, and 50 $4.75 @. Maybe black and white? But if I am making the effort, color might be good. This also might be a nice saleable for Ithaca Art Trail next year. Maybe I should be looking at holiday cards for printing/sale?

Feeling a bit sunburned. Anxious a bit to get back to the grind..but it will be reassuring once I have answered the emails I didnt get to on Friday and fixed a few of the little publication issues on the table that the fearless Erich was uncomfortable with.

Move forward>>