MA Day

The work is done. The paper presented. The show completed. All that needs to happen is the work is taken down and the "elegant" dinner at the Sheraton. My brain is marinating over the work from yesterday, the promise of the book (Whitney's assignment that both Traci and I are going to do--albeit as graduate girls) and think that I may do something with valentines, hearts etc. and mesh my desire to do a bunch of vector illustrations of the bluebird of happiness, sailor's valentine, saint valentine etc...and sketch and draw alongside the vector stuff to stretch the work to at least 32 pps. Maybe "The Book of Love"? Would make a nice client valentine--So I am way charged. I can also make up a ton of clippie illustrations (like the butterflies from the papillon picture) to create patterns etc. to knock into the layouts as well. This approach seems to embrace more of me--from the drawings to the vector stuff I don't want to leave behind...but mix and blend with. Both approaches have value...and this new thing takes the slash look/feel to a fresher, wider place. So...away we go!!

Roger DeMuth is inspiring due to his energy, his production methods (letterpress, 4 over 4 printing, die cutting etc.). He creates this funny art boxes (case bound) with little boxes and bottles inside for his al fresco work, for his work on planes etc. He has embraced the computer--and generates tons of patterns and pattern books for merchandising...with his work in black in white being very striking..and very merchandisable. He had case bound boxes of little houses. He had big dollhouses in papers. He has complete stationery sets with pencil cups, etc. that are striking, sophisticated and works with a broad range of stuff. He has got something going on..not sure about the wild presentation...lots of laughing, joke making--but he seems to genuinely love his work and projects is. I am inspired by the sheer volume at a very high level. If I were a student interested in children's books, or character creation, I would spend some time with Roger as he understands the "legs" that illustration can have, and the decorative qualities of illustration. More to learn from him.

The burly men surrounding the Williams brothers last night were many of Richard's tango buddies. They loved the work...and it was great to see Richard's alternative family. The advertising folks who were at the show saw my notebooks wanted to know why my work didn't look like the notebooks. What's to say? Is there a message there? Also, a pal of mine wanted to take output of the Whitney stuff to show to some art directors at his agency for a possible project on the table. Imagine! More reason to draw all the time. Maybe knock out some different skull stuff (people love it)--to have developed that a little further. Our show didn't have the energy of last year's show--not the troops of people, no attendance by anyone from the Deans office, not a lot of families.

So, in place of melancholy, and in place of my continuing to kick myself in the head...the horizon is much wider today. I have work to do--drawings to make, ideas to think about, projects to do and a focus to develop as the future is bright for illustration. Hartford awaits.The orange experience is almost done.

Promises to rain and be cooler today.