Mac's Drive-In Curb Service Restaurant

Mac's Drive-In Curb Service Restaurant
1166 Waterloo-Geneva Road (Routes US 20 & NY 5)
Waterloo, New York
I was coming home via the bunny route from Rochester, missed the turn I wanted to make and decided to take Route 20 to Waterloo and take 96 down from there. As I was savoring the delights of Rt. 20 (odd motels and used car dealerships, cabbage stands and livestock auction houses etc.) what did I see? Macs! Plopped right in the middle, no kidding, so you had to see it was the huge oak cask that means root beer in these parts. Plus, they had the Richardson logotype (a thirties style bus boy hustling with a tray laden with an oversized mug of frosty root beer). Macs is def. a summer time place with louvered wooden doors that open the entire place up to the outside and the road. Typical fare--hamburgers etc's (menu here>> now that's food photography!!)...but with the local specialties such as "white hots"(which they grill and then deep fry). The locals were out in force--slugging down frosty ones and wolfing down dogs and burgers (to the tune of $2.29 or so)like it was going out of business. Go for the rootbeer...and maybe a white hot for a change. The fries for $1.50 looked good..Maybe lunch today?

Cited in the Roadside Peek, its a place we should all make pilgrimages to on our journey or our rubbernecking tours of Routes five and twenty.