Independence Day: July 4

In the spirit of independence and patriotism, I turn to my betters, Digby and Brodner for their insight about the state of the state:

Digby proclaims:

This is a very touching story about Bush's many weeks of agonized deliberation and careful thought about whether he should pardon Libby or commute his sentence. It is a portrait of a man wracked by the weight of presidential responsibility. It was, after all, among the most important decisions a leader ever makes. A man's life was at stake.

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Digby goes on to quote others, link to others and in general, sum up the sham this faux pardon that Bush has given Libby--trying to make sense out of nonsense. July the third, Digby addresses Impeachment, which to me is just a whisper of what we should expect in the future. How about much more? How 'bout a jail term for all of those liars and cheats that we call our leaders.

Brodner takes the same subject and puts a face on it>>

It's a shame we have a sullied view of ourselves as much as the world views our actions. It is hard to keep your head up as Americans. So much to be ashamed of.