I have been absorbed with the MLA requirements (which absolutely confounds me) and hope to get the next draft of my thesis to the boys in Syracuse tonight. I chopped and hoed, I weeded and culled, I removed and inserted...complete with a "Work Cited"section and an edited body of work. The paper has reduced fro 42 pages of mainly 24 pages of a blend of writing and illustration. I have tightened the writing...added more detail when it has felt thin...and all in all...much better.

The illustrations have been puckering in their frames ( the paper is in a big poster frame..punto) and it worries me. I called around and am going to get all of them mounted for the Thesis work (imagine the embarassment when presenting or defending the thesis and as you get wound up to talk...gasp! the work is sinking to the bottom of the frames and bucking at the bottom). So, that is being taken care of tout suite. However, it does pose a question of presentation and display. I have been surfing around for gorgeous, juicy, archival, double thick mats with backing boards--and the maximum size the off the shelf versions that are out there. From that point, I will begin to scale the work to that size--versus the "church of what's happening now" approach I have been taking. Totally unstrategic. Totally willy nilly. I know none of you are surprised.

The dog pictures are coming on. I now have completed the Boston Terrier, dachshund, papillon, chiuaua, and a pug is on the desk right now. What with my new pile of cloud reference, I hope the next one will have a cloud or two. Then, there is another dachshund, a snarling dog, and hopefully a whippet. I am searching for a topiary poodle to do either a full body or just an enormous head. There will be 10-12 images in this collection of work...which hopefully will be all complete by the Ithaca Art Trail weekends. They will make nice prints and nice cards.

I am also reading a nice, short biographic book on Hans Holbein. Man. Do I love this guy. More on him later. I am ruminating on all of this.

The 4th promises something on the grill...and maybe some weeding. There was some talk about emptying our "helping hands at home" composter (a plastic wine barrel hanging from a frame) into the new mammouth, high tech "Mantis" R has purchased and built. The Mantis has two chambers and is on wheels so one can crank the huge barrels to mix it with ease. The big stink it made initially with compost and the "activator" has died down (thankfully) and we can get down to lots of composting to our delight.

More later>>