Grassroots day 3

Its been a blur. Chokers played a magic evening on Wednesday at the Pourhouse. The energy was great, lots of friends and families of friends...with great music. It began to heat up and when the group took a break, everyone went outside for a little breather and the music began again with it all going to the street...Thursday we got caught in a drencher with everyone under tents trying to dry in between sessions to having to run out.Richie Sterns and the Henry Brothers were amazing. It was beautiful in the dance tent with the chinese lanterns glowing. I hope tonight to get some images for reference as there are some pretty beautiful details of Grasroots ready to make pictures from.

In between waiting time for the finals for baseball...(which was over at 11 p.m.) we dropped by Felicias Atomic Lounge and saw the Chokers...They were great. Felicia's alley is this narrow space painted electric blue with a long wooden bench running down one side and aluminum tables and chairs down the other. We took some snapshots which I enclose a few in this posting. The band was great...very relaxed with a smallish audience who enjoyed the whole scene.

It is a flawless, cloudless day. Low humidity. High potential. Def. sunscreen, hat and positive attitude. Lots to hear and see.