Left foot, right foot

Response to the Choker's Pourhouse poster has been very positive. There is a chance we can do a version for Grassroots and sell them as part of the Choker's offerings (CD, teeshirt, now poster). When do we do a coffee mug? or as Jim has requested, a barbeque apron. These graphics have legs...and may shade the name a little...taking it a little off it's actual meaning. At least that's what I hope. So, the epson is rocking. The Pourhouse poster we did 40 impressions at 17" x 22" on the Digital Art Supplies version of the Epson Enhanced Matte Paper with matte black ink. Smexy. Big, bold and matte. If we do Grassroots, I am thinking a limited edition at around 50 pieces. Ordered some lovely big clear bags (see clear bags to the right) for them for selling. Plus, will use them during the Art Trail sale.

Got the thesis back. Tiny tweaks to do today...plus checking back and forth on the naming/ figure references etc for consistency. Remind me, next thesis--start the paper early, start the works cited early, build out what you can early...as it will come together better. This last minute crap drives me nuts. So, hopefully will print on the epson and crank out with the thesis work on enhanced matte and the text/images on the epson on this bright white, heavy weight matte paper I got from Staples. It was interesting to buy the paper at Staples because it pointed up the fact that people are actually focusing on weight and brightness when it comes to paper these days. There is a lot more than bond paper these days. Heaviest is 34 lbs. with the brightness being a 98. They even have a graphic that a lot of companies us to highlight this info. Another Rip Van Winkleness, this is brand new for me....I am interested in paper...but the world of office people are interested in paper too!

Have to get all my SU stuff together and understand supplies etc. to take. Lets think: promotional postcards, thesis paper, cds, tracing paper,computer, camera, wacom, flash drive, ipod....underwear? I have about 10 days to get it done. Left foot, right foot.

Animal Holiday Card went out to the printer. May look into pulling the spot color plates and putting a personal one on it to see if I personally can get some mileage on the design and illustration. It's a very cute card. Yay. The Gastroenterology cover went to the printer too.

Looks like rain. Glorious clouds and golden light at 5 a.m. Now the lake is silvery and the sky is full of puffy clouds with blue and grey with cream.

Today is Friday...so illustration friday will need to be checked and plans need to be put in place for the weekend...
More later>>