Slugging away on a picture of Shady for a juried show sponsored by the Ithaca Art Trail and the local SPCA, otherwise known here at the Academy as the "Pound of Love". Show centers around artists and their dogs...and though I am not physically in the picture, I am there as I am the hand that is moving the wacom pen on the wacom tablet. Its fun and a push with this image as Shady is multicolored from lilac and lavender to red and blue...more often reading purple...But, she is highlights and shadows for me...a swirl of that is what I am working on now. Maybe some high highlights will be added...maybe not. The type thing is a placeholder for some designed/hand lettered type (maybe scripty like some of the posters in the 20s) which will incorporate a squirrel and a pine cone...Shady's favorite things of all time. Holbein-ish.

I am crazed with love for Holbein. This Taschen book I have been reading and carrying around is great--readable and the pictures are big enough to really look at them. Another Hartford possible thesis is something to do with portraits in the style of Holbein...5 people ones and 5 animal ones. You will hear more later about that.

Next Tuesday, we leave the thesis work for Syracuse plus, leave 4 images for the "Art Barn" which is juried (jurist of one, I think) at the Grassroots Festival which is creeping up on us. I have an ad due for the Ithaca Journal...I was able to get the front cover ad (not expensive--AT ALL)for their special Grassroots circular. So front page coverage for all those folks going to Grassroots who need design and illustration work...or to confirm to those I work with that i am a bit more than mommy with a mouse(even though I am that!). I like the multiple whammy of local ad, art barn etc. Plus, with the added Art Trail engagement, I am getting my name out a little.

The Chokers just came back from playing at the Great Blue Heron Festival in western NY/ N.Western PA charged up for the next event, next Wednesday at the Pourhouse and then their feature on Sunday at Grassroots. Listen to the Chokers>> We are gunning out a teeshirt which will be close, but there is a great screenprinter in Ithaca who is very accomodating. Today is jump day on that and the ad.

It will be pedal to the metal on the thesis as the amended paper was submitted last week but our professor has some personal stuff we may be very close (very) on the last round, out put and wire-o binding. Nothing new with SU. Nothing whatsoever.And we havent gotten any idea about prework for the classes we are doing, so that is going to be last minute too...and rumor has it there is a book we will need to read. Jeez.

Hot hot and humid. Thunderstorm with lightning directly after Tburg won the game last night 11-9 taking them to the final their delight. They played like big boys and a team. Tight. I miss K. We always have a nice time waiting through the sports thing...

Need to go and wake up A.