Philip Burke

I was stunned and inspired by a recent New Yorker image created by Philip Burke of Princess Diana. It was startlingly beautiful with rich, hot pinks, cool greens and the bigger head/smaller body thing that happens in caricatures. Burke confidently lays in slabs of color lusciously, staying big and bold yet portraying Diana with heart--showing her as a tentative, intelligent women...imbuing her with spirit. I found the Tommy Franks for your edification (above). Ray Charles (below) to continue. There is a mention of Burke in Wikipedia...and I found a gallery in Ohio that sells his giclees. Many of the magazines he has illustrated for cite him (New York Times, Harpers, Rolling Stone). I also love the black and white he did of Charleton Heston ...(see below). His brush work is calligraphic and energetic. Inspired.