summer emerges

Longest day, four days ago. Big work day of weeds and hedgecutting, helping friends, cooking and tidying. This striped rose peeked out--to declare the imminent summer (projections of ninties this week). Mr. Hair coming to clean up the trees and all their destruction--is our hope. He said

Been planning to take out some of the inked sketches I have done in the last few months and work them up in illustrator. There should be a good 6 of them to start with. Additionally, want to do some research on Hindu mythology to develop some sketches/body of work around them. Could be interesting. I spent some time with Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales to think about the possible children's book project for next summer...and feel its pretty much in free fall. Thank goodness I have a year to sweat it--maybe mythology might point to something.

Gotta go to get the babies up.