A perfect day to graduate

Congratulations to the Class of 2007, Trumansburg High School. It's a perfect, cornflower blue sky day for the Blue Raiders to graduate and move forward in their lives. It is a perfect day for the after graduation lunches and parties. It is a perfect day to remember.

K and I socked in a mess of plants with K doing more laughing and tumbling with the dog than planting. She was silly, funny company. We strolled the newly refurbished Main Street around 9 a.m. to find it buzzing between the sweet shop and Gimme! with people sitting outside, milling and gathering. We caught up with John about the little Village that is underconstruction with all sorts of happy news and positive, truly achieveable goals. It was a blue sky chat as it was all possible which often, here on our plateau, we lose scope and try to raise millions of dollars for activities and facilities that would be nice, but out of reach for a community of 2000 and with the folks in the environs taking it up to 8,000. Multi million dollar projects spread out among 8,000 still demands everyone give, and give big. These achievable, left foot/right foot projects reinforce that things can be really nice, just scaled for the communitity and those that support the project. We will have a little space for children with these large play houses made by people in the community that represent different aspects of the town. There is a lovely stone wall and plans for seating, a little garden and maybe a sand box. The owners of the laundromat has allowed the village to place this little garden parklet on their property--so moms can do their laundry, get a coffee and enjoy playtime with their littles (or not so littles). All good. All happy. All right with the world.

Off to buy art supplies with K. R. looked at a current illustration I did of a dog and suggested very good and affirming changes (I had tentatively thought about) so change will happen soon.

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