Urg. The thesis

Slugging away. Not hard...just I have a tendency to go verbose when I don't need to (no duh!) . Plus, I have the marketing plan pretty much done and in action and I seem to be over embellishing this part that should be simple. Deep breath. One more time. The gumdrop at the end of this rainbow is that I can get back into real picture making....and setting some goals to accomplish by the October fest of the two weekends for the Ithaca Art Trail fest. I am psyched about this small thing as it will 1) plunge me into the local culture and art buying public; 2) I may actually have a chance to sell some work and get first hand reaction to what works, what doesn't; 3) give me an alternative way to show design work as well in a very controlled setting. Plans are afoot to do a body of work each on:
--portraits (one of K. A, and one of each set of triplets we know and a few local celebrities--not Whoopi)
--translating some of the leger, tigerstripe illustration to finished stuff
--ink up and finalize some of the "high on life" type skulls/day of the dead work. Take it someplace in photoshop.
--more birds
--more flowers
--some hindu inspired ideas.

Should keep me busy. So, I need to get this paper nailed down, edited down, and get the pix in place. Get the big prints ordered and framed. Our class of five have the same space as last years class of about 15...So big may work...and more than one may be shown. I am going 12-15 pieces @ 24"x36" and they will show what they will...and I will be ready for The Art Trail festivities.

Also need to start thinking about submissions for the Ithaca Art Bar --due in July :

"Inspired enjoyment from the first US chocolate company to offer Fair Trade Certified chocolates! Art Bars are certified organic, Fair Trade Certified, exquisite Swiss chocolate bars that feature an art reproduction on a collectible card inside the wrapper. 10% of profits support art education."

John Thompson is pushing for me to enter all these shows... I need to get them onto my calendar so I don't miss them. i want to enter them too...I just can't find out the day before I go out of town.

Cayuga Lake is glorious today. K turns 15 today. Having the fam for a little dinner complimented by these frighteningly huge, marshmallow "hamburgers" and the "magic 13" candle that is said to dispense good luck. Daffodils by the handful. Cleaned out the birdfeeders. Saw a brilliant gold finch and a hooded merganser swimming and tipping/upending himself to dive for the frigid fish that seem to be moving around. Chet, the man of the lawn, alerted me that May 1 was the first day of Turkey Season (I guess there are more than one seasons for turkeys per year). Run turkeys! Run!

Frost advisory tonight!

Picture is of Turbo,jr. alert and his wigged self in the sunlight.