chicken barbeque saturday

Every corner of Tburg is covered with Cornell Chicken franchises: the Fairgrounds (with the promised Cow Plop Bingo (missed the picture taking, sorry!), to The Episcopal Church (combined with a flea market--we got a full set of golf clubs with bag and wheelie job for $35 to set A. up, I got 2 Dragonball figurines for $.25 @, and a tray for $.10), To RonDons featuring a "racecar" with neon lettering and a sporty windfoil and finally at the Historical Society with another sale. Lots of talk amongst the management of the Academy about rethinking parking and driveways and exhibition space. There is a concept brewing that you, dear readers, will be the first to know...having to do with an invitational event amongst our students and fellow artists a the Rongovian Academy of Fine Arts. More later>> chores await.