cool new stuff I saw at the printer

Trends on the finishing floor at Cohber included:

--tiny, little (quarter scale) presskit folders in bright colors with information in them (I think the drug companies use them)

--drilled and padded pads--the catch being they are padded on the side so the paper opens as a book, and the paper lays flat.

--Cohber has a great die strike (already made) of a cruciform shape that can be folded into an interesting promotional thing, or card

--Cohber also has a die for postcard packaging (holds 22 postcards)--need to quote a simple job with that to see how dear the price is on that.

--hidden wire-o binding (wire-o with a paper that folds around the binding)

--"art" with a mat ( print on one side of that pewter/brightwhite duplex Strathmore paper--print the "art) fold over a piece and die cut the window right out of it...cute and a lot of mileage considering the simplicity of the idea.

--pads/ promotional pads are HOT

--Not a lot of big 4 c/p books. Smaller jobs. Not a lot of ink being put on the sheets.

--Print on Demand is where the profits are.