Armin Hofmann

I have been cruising some vintage poster sites to find the right example of a point I want to make and buzzed through these wonderful Armin Hofmann posters. Don't you love the type (I think it is hand lettering)-- and the bold images? I do. Very period. very swiss. But, love it.

And before I forget it...I havent extolled my favorite of all favorite digital art suppply folks...Digital Art Supply>>. These guys are great. They have a wide range of papers (I like their "brand" of Epson Enhanced Matte called DAS matte paper). They have great prices on the big Epson (220 ml) good that even though it smarts when you do is still possible to keep a set in the closet while you are working off a set). They offer courses, technical help beyond the terrific product they are offer. I am testing a little roll (5") of a cranes paper which cost around $13. for a little test balloon.
Love these guys. Give em a holler.