Duking it out

The thesis is on the mat. I've got 90% of the examples in place. This gathering and arranging surprisingly takes a ton of time. I've got 3 tables of marketing information/direction (much of it in implementation). And, if I actually spread the copy out the "right way" (that is, by the silver book of how to write everything--from a length standpoint, I am there. So, today is cutting time and writing time with a whisper and hope that I can get this out tomorrow via Fed Ex to John prior to his going on vacation. Once that is done, I can get to the business of filling up the pound with dogs. Dogs with butterflies, dogs catching stuff, dogs showing their teeth, dogs smiling. Should be a ton of fun between now and August. Maybe I will even complete the turkey and do the hooded merganser for cash (ie showing to Sheldrake Point and seeing if they want to sell some).

More later>>breakfast und kinder await.

Back again while the coffee brews...now where was I?

Oh. So, it's been fascinating to look at the resources I have referenced and the string of influences I have cruised through in the last 18 months or so to see where I have ended up. Pretty much a refined path from the New York City images I did with a crude portrait of Henry Hudson and some very simple pigeons to the place I am today. The needle has moved. And, upon looking at the "slash" work, it was good..but very simple and almost naive in it's approach. It might be interesting to do a few now to see if just in the making of any picture, this new maturity would pull through with that technique. Somehow, I think it would.

The day awaits. Driving to Hungerford Hill to take the Baker folks another round of corrections and off to the marine tailor to see how bad the damage would be to slipcover some cushions for the neighbor's patio. Some interesting wine opportunities for me to tell you about...but not for now.