Thumbtack Press: So Hip It Hurts

Cheese Head by Bob Dob, Size: 14" x 8", (artist website)

Every print from Thumbtack Press is a gallery quality print on heavy bright white stock. We use only archival inks utilizing a professional 8-color process. The final print is trimmed to size and protected in an acid-free polyurethane cover before shipment in a board-backed, water resistant envelope.

I bumped into the Thumbtack Press during the daily surf for what is cool, what can help me market my work and get it "out there", and for just plain good ideas that gets the grey matter to jump a little. Essentially, it is a juried site that one submits work to, and if selected-- they post, print, ship and collect the money for your work. The artist gets 50% of the proceeds--and if the work is framed, the artist gets 10% of the proceeds additionally. The Thumbtack Press says the upsides are:

* It's free
* We want you to make money
* You're too busy
* You don't have to build or manage a “store” or know any webcoding
* Make us your store (you can direct link to your work only)
* You don't have to print, ship, or advertise
* We get tons more traffic than you do
* You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain
* No obligations, and opt out anytime

Most prints range from around $15. to $45. and they range in size.

Pretty cool eh? I like it that the Thumbtack is pretty clean and not setting it up as a "very special" experience, but a regular place to get original work from a great collection of illustrators and artists. Very fresh and seemingly open organization...
Check it out>>