starting in the doghouse

New body of work started! Dogs! Trying to keep a very brief and simple palette--translating out detail and color. This dog is 24" tall...and I am working in this size which, I must admit, I am slightly regretting as the mid size--12" x 18" or thereabouts works better as I can work very fine and it blows up really well and holds better if I reduce the image...So. There is something new. Also, am using the new black (per blog last week) to see if this changes the epson output (as it really works with CMYK/ standard, non-adjusted, cheapie printing).This French Bulldog is the first shot in the works. Still resolving and working with him--and will continue to post. As this body evolves, I will put a sep. page up (like the birds and burkas) to post the work to.

In the eighties here. The forsythia is in full bloom. Beginning to see little leaves. Down in Corning, the cherry trees have burst. We are just that little bit cooler, that we await the cherries and apples. This weekend is the Trumansburg Festival of Flowers with talks and walks and face painting (K is scheduled to help). I wish they had a skateboard parade...Hmmmm.

More later>>