Bags are packed. Car cleaned out. No more cans and crumbs rattling about. Reservations made. Tragedies averted. Decisions made. Ready. Shady knows it. More snow here. Nothing sticking but none the less..it's snowy in a light, icy sort of way. Down to Newburgh NY to take JetBlue direct to Ft. Lauderdale. Its about a four hour trip with potty breaks to Newburgh but our thinking was with an hour and a half to Rochester, a connnection at Kennedy (at least an hour or so) and the flying time...up and down...with a longer drive and no connections we would be ahead financially and time in...So. Thus, the trip. Plus, another delightful JetBlue experience. The happy land of blue textures and chips. The cute "hi and hello" language on the TV monitors. The delight of landing at a Jetblue terminal..."feeling the love". Worth every red cent. (or is it blue cent).

Rob promises when we get back, it will be spring. I believe him because 99.5% of the time he is right, which makes me right .5% if I am dead on...but I believe I am right even less of the time! There was lots of movie making yesterday here. It was fun.

The lady sketch is another "wish I was Leger" sketch. My plan is to work more with his vocabulary though stylized, it bumps up nicely against the Day of the Dead skull images and could comprise a body of work. Next steps once I have 6 or 8 of them is to scan them in and truly finish them...illustrator, I think. Lovin' the pens. Lovin' the ink. Only had a slight wobble insofar as whether to take pelikan gouache (the cheap stuff in pans that I love) with us. I think line work is enough...plus, I packed two of the more recent "The Believers" to while the time away too.

Maybe A. will let me try his PSP?