Running at it

Packing and organizing. We are eastering with in laws...with lots of candy for everyone today...then on to getting the stuff, paperwork etc. ready for our departure tomorrow. Got on Hotwire again and got some phenomenal prices on 4 star hotels in Miami. More than half the price that is posted for this place. I am always thrilled with Hotwire as a resource for travel. I have always been delighted with the offers we have gotten from Hotwire--even down to 10 Marlborough in London as it was tres cheap, clean etc. Nothing extraordinary...but great price, great location and value for price. You will hear about whether we will be pleased or not with these purchases.

Wandered through the Celebrity Cruise website...trying to navigate all the information need to do preboarding paperwork, trying to decipher what to pack, what to pay for, tipping guides etc. etc. I think I got it...but still am feeling a little out of sorts. I am sure if I read some type of "Idiot"book on cruises, it would be as clear as a bell about how to figure all this out...but sickly, I enjoy the challenge. R. recommended I search Flickr for images of cruises and get the picture fast. Right on! The food thing is wild...hysterical...and all I can think of are the poor devils in the hold making "tell a story" food out of stuff like lunch meat and/or watermelons for a bunch of fat people in sparkly evening clothes. Tables of cream puff swans, faces made of pretzels, creatures made from washcloths. What is with the illustration/life garnishes that happens on boats? Is this elegance? Are these totems to protect you at sea? Does food in the shape of creatures...or hugely colorful make it tastier??or disguise the Crisco edge? Help me!

Stations of the cross in mayonnaise and gelatin glazed hams? The carved ice Easter Bunny? The cake sculpture of the the rock rolled away from the tomb.. with a marzipan angel speaking to Mary? A spun sugar rendition of the last supper?

I need to get to work. Strata and fruit begins to sound pretty pedestrian. What can I do with a poundcake?