Miami bound

We are off on another excursion on the ever wonderful JetBlue to Miami for Spring break with the team. We will be flying direct from Newburg NY (direct on JetBlue read...affordable...and off peak, darn well cheap). We figured, if we have to drive to Rochester NY or even Syracuse and get a double hit with money and time...spend the extra hour and go to Newburg and save with time and money. We will see if that pans out. Lots on the plan...but no big plans. Hope to see a little of Little Havana and the shops, to take in coffee and sun and the surf lifestyle, Miami style. Also, dig into the museum art thing in prep for possibly coming back in December for Art Basel Miami. Whoa! Then, later next week, we are going to experience what a cruise is like--traveling on Celebrity Cruiselines to go from Miami to Key West and Cozumel and back (four days all in) and your chatty friend will be porting the powerbook, buying the minutes and filling you in on the biased view of this delight and all the others. To be honest, the concept of cruise has never really been in my vocabulary or even within the realm of possibilities...somehow the idea of a floating hotel seems kind of funny...but if not, why not...and a wonderful opportunity has happened for us to dig in and see what it's like--short amount of time, limited exposure and who knows? Now...evening clothes?? I don't think danskos count...unless I can rustle up some grosgrain bows and pretend they are mens dancing slippers? What do you think? The cruise thing and fashion is, for me, a frightening thought on all sides. I fear sleep could be lost over this.

I talked to a friend of mine of similar views and expectations about her cruise experience and her idea of what worked formally is totally concievable. So, my finding a dress to make me look like some sort of fairy princess nightmare, some adult prom fantasy, some psycho wedding halllucination is not necessary. Phew. The boys are set and Kitty has parts and pieces that she can look like the little matchgirl in one moment and Queen for a Day the next. She has it all...and it works. And so, we move forward...for today. I wonder if, in addition to the spa treatments that are offered, psychological counselling for the anti-fashionistas might be available. Wait a minute. Wait a darned minute. Basic black? floor length? phobic? Got it.

Burka. (maybe with gold shoes?)

In the spirit of travel, I am boning up on my Leger and have a stack of little drawings I have begun...that I will torture you with. Instead of his gradient, I am trying the tigerteeth to see if we can get a similar look...but still keep it solid black and white. I will graduate to black, white and grey at some point...but the pure reduction approach is hard...and thus, the real work.