Am messing around in the moleskine...with lots of ink drawings just to see what pops up. Scanning them in this morning, I had the brilliant (no duh!) thought that I could mess with them in photoshop with the ole selection, fill, new selection, fill...shift the whole mess..merge and twiddle with the filters...So, the race is on to make more pictures, and mess with them. Not getting credit with SU on this one, but in my bones, it feels like I could go down another channel of the "make it look like a print">> and see what happens. More to come. Busy here with the paying work.

Jim Reidy, Stefan Sender and (for a well informed source)--the best fiddle player around...gave us some beautiful music at the Pourhouse last night. They all seemed to be genuinely happy to play together. We chatted with Chad Crumm, another fiddler extrodinaire about his growing up, music and how he came to our plateau. It was enlightening and inspiring...particularly in his talking about a particularly talented pair of brothers as having harmonic genetics. Kind of puts things on a new slant. They are tuned to each other and intuitively feel for the other's art/music. Chad said he thought that that was like the Bach Family etc. Is it true across the artistic board? or with science? Im not sure. Somehow it makes sense with music. Need to think about that.

More later>>