Flax Nation!

Wow. Boxes to the ceiling. Women in various states of undress. The real pros came in black pants and camisoles. The committed came in black bathing suits. All posed in front of hundreds of sorted boxes of linen clothes...on/off/on/off...commenting to their friends and new friends..."does this look right?". Three women wearing the same coral coat...joking they all should buy them and wear them on Memorial Day. Bags and bags of linen clothes leaving. Boxes upon boxes unpacked for the next throng swarming into this warehouse room. Samples, the same. Long and short. Thousands of designs that would never grace our shop's racks. A historical review of the year on every type of women's backs from suburban mommies to tattooed, short haired girlfriends who would be happier on the back of a motorcycle--riding together into the linen-free sunset. My tribe. All of Ithaca. Women exclaiming and hugging. Lots of laughing. Lots of purchasing. Happy times.

Flax Annual Barn Sale, Triphammer Mall, Triphammer Road, Ithaca. From Friday through Sunday.