Make Us Pockets

Pockets were cited regularly in song and words by Peter Pan, performed by Charlotte Sender to great success last night. Somehow pockets are made and sewn by mothers--and in the case of Master Pan, this is one of the more significant things that can be done for young boys. Forget food. Forget carpools. Forget itunes. Pockets.

Charlotte Sender was luminescent. She is charged and is one of those people that can truly "turn it on". She has "got it" and is winsome, sweet and determined. Without Charlotte's hard work, energy and presence, this presentation would not have hung together as well as it did. Her Peter Pan was puckish with twinkle--confident and yet still insure. We need to keep an eye on this young actress. Big things to come. We saw musical theatre and theatre people (who have really made it) at Carnegie Mellon and Charlotte is one of those people. Stellar.

The house was packed. The moms were selling $2 and $6 bouquets for parents to give to their children (I don't get it). There was the baking spree, candy and water concession stand. There were tee shirts and tapes of the play for sale. Retail was busy. And a cast party today. The kids all seemed to have a great time. Lots of running in the aisles, up and down steps etc. Lots of well made up indians. And glamorous pirates. There are going to be some tired kids this week.

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