Sketches of Queen Victoria

Prissy Queen Victoria with her squinty eyes, tiny crown and huge space between her nose and mouth is everywhere in London. I figured I should get into the swing of things by doing some sketches to warm up and look at her. In the pix, she has tons of jewels and ribbons,bows and lace. But really, she still looks like a bulldog, albeit a well dressed bulldog.

Off tonight with SU to see the sights. No other changes in the schedule. Four illustrators and one painter. I am trying to stay open, get the thesis work confirmed, see some art, go to the Tate Modern and see the slides by the amusement park guy from Mass MOCA, and eat some stilton and drink a ton of tea. I know there will be more, but I am working on the "don't anticipate" model which will always yield something good. Hopefully, I will have a chance to say hi via the blog. If not, I will see you all a week from Saturday.