Peter Pan Sold Out for Friday

The Middle School play is sold out for opening night! All the overanxious and high wire mommies must be psyched. I see a weekend of exhaustion for my overly tall, easily tired boy--so I should think about food for this poor soul. I see a sea of cupcakes at the concession stand and mountains of chips (baked, please) for the cast party. Maybe cupcakes aren't healthy...are muffins? There are rehearsals upon rehearsals for flying and singing, costumes and makeup, with eating and conviviality all around. The sets are gorgeous....and from what I saw, the leads are perfect for their roles--cute as pie--and very polished. This has been a huge commitment for all of the kids, teachers and parents. I think there will be huge payout for all of them--and it is great there is such support to fill the theater to the max.

".....I do believe in fairies. I do....I do......"