Celebrating the first anniversary of the Rongovian Academy of Fine Arts

One year of posts. A year of pictures, travels, peeks into Tburg, and my opinionated yap. We are looking forward to a new year with more of the same and more. Should be fun. There is a trip in the next 2 weeks, more Syracuse antics and of course the fun here in Tburg. Thank you for reading and being my audience. I hope I dont torture you all too much.

As a special birthday present, we present this lovely idea to make your day.

The image above is an ad from Carol Wright Gifts>>. Get ready for the final styling statement. This gem is ready to go. Get one for every family member, friend and business associate. No need for batteries. And think about that marvelous "heavenly glow" that you know will last and last after you have left this plain. And.. I thought they forgot how to design such incredible advertising like this. Astroturf, photoshop glow, silk azaleas--and color to boot. Right of the can 100% magenta and 100% yellow. I need to study this closely as there are ideas here worthy of rendering in my paying work. Your thinking?