Pens go with ink. As I had mentioned previously, I am into live ink. Runny, push it around ink. The real thing. And the dip pen thing is tedious and takes too much thinking and planning to, it is uncomfortable to use ink/inkwell next to the pile of papers, books and crap on my desk wedged between the keyboard, wacom pad and a hot cup of coffee. You get the idea. Russell Cobb, one of the english illustrators, when asked which pen he uses, brightly said Rotring as if it is the only pen in the Universe. Seems good. They have 3 calligraphic versions and two "Art Pen" versions (Extra Fine and Fine). They have a bouncy, flexible nib which can give you line variation--and you can either work cartridge or ink converter....(which with the Noodlers could be the ticket). I priced it out all over the place and Jerry's had the best price. Ebay has the calligraphy pens, but not at any significant savings. I am picking up the phone today to see if I can get one to come my way. You, poor dogs, will get to hear about this tedium.

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