Oklahoma Party a seeming success

After 4 sheetpizzas were consumed with one 5 gallon container of ice cream, numerous bags of chips and junk, 3 packages of twizzlers and no end of Jolly Rancher candies devoured along with the endless plates of mom-provided baked goods--the party for 60 Charles O. Dickerson High School's cast, crew and pit band was acknowledged (at least by Kitty) as a success during our post party wrap-up. We had a room with sofas and strobe lights with a "plug your ipod into these speakers" place that Kitty referred to as the "Rave Room". The front living room was where another group gathered and then the dining room featured the groaning board of processed food, white flour and white sugar configured into endless carbohydrate laden delights. We had dancing and gathering and eating. Everyone came on time and left on time. The parents came early to pick up the kids and we had a nice time getting to know them. Next year, we are doing it again (if they will have us) along with a space (away from the kids) to congregate with the parents too.

This week is the push for the Russell Doig Middle School's production of Peter Pan. We have the costume, the make up, the rehearsals and on Wednesday, the gigantic pot of chili for the pre-show pot-luck for the students. I am sure there is a push for more baked goods for Sunday's cast party at the Middle School gym. And then, we will be done. At least for that.