Queued Up

Well. First Class is first class. I got to skirt the extrordinarily long line complete with jackasses wearing spandex and wigs and their girlfriends dressed up like fairies--to check in..and to boot a free USAirways club card, and a express pass through security. Free coffee. Free bacon sandwiches. Life doesnt get much better. Plus, they had plum colored peonies in the bathrooms. I am getting ready to go to gate 23 and be there when they load. The duty free is all about WHISKEY. Tons of stores wanting to sell you cheap booze (2 bottles for £15)--but who needs it, and who needs to lug it? The british are drinking champagne in the Club and slopping down full English breakfasts replete with beans, sausages, bacon, tomatoes and undercooked eggs to their delight.

Have been slugging away trying to be the old Matisse on Tom's wine project--so I feel I will have something to gin up on the computer when I get back. They are coming into focus. Loved watching Dame Edna last night. The english love fart, poop,boob etc jokes and Dame Edna was rife with that stuff along with very proper behavior. She reminds me of a Cassetti family friend...in her cheeky cute way of saying slightly off key things. She is the only true british TV worth watching. All other shows are cooking, news and sports...and shows that the audience can phone in to vote for...like singing competitions, people opening boxes to find out how much money they have won etc. Another thing that is odd, is the big magazines actually package things like tote bags, lipsticks, music or film cds with them . One actually had a bracetlet... So for £2 you get a magazine and a treat. Imagine?!

The troops are moving. I should too. Still on with the late flight to Ithaca. Leaves around 1050 or so.

More later>>