Those Poor Devils at the USAirways Counter

It's six hours later--and the line continues. I feel for all of us put on hold, but those poor attendants behind the USAirways counter have the tough job. I will try back again later. I really thought that they would be done by now. Here is a neat London tip. If you buy an Oyster card (the way to go)--you need to pay £3 to obtain the loadable card. Minimum is £5. We loaded our cards up...and then re-upped as we were using the Underground far more than we had intended. Last night, we turned our cards back in to get the £3 back along with crediting our credit card with the residual money left on the card. So, you aren't stuck--but use exactly what you need--no more, no less.

These internet cafes are a scream. I am currently sitting next to some older (at least in their sixties) women who are planning their trip from the airport...with lots of loud pointing and gesturing in german. There is another guy who is eating over the keyboards...Oh, the older ladies are opening up their changepurses and loading the coinbox with more change to keep going...It's the cyber parking meter! Then, there are the cyberchatterboxes who use skype to "phone home"--for free outside of the cybercafe prices. We really don't have anything quite like this--the public library is the closest--but the library doesnt have a change machine (like the laundromat) or a coke machine with cokes and water. Lots of smoking here. Lots. I might smoke just because the packages are so beautiful.

Was watching some news--very interesting to watch CNN to see that the rest of the world kind of agrees with my politics--a cooking show where they were making a grim, indigestible Saint Patricks Day yum yum, and a music show where everyone looked like Kitty with cool hair, cool tee shirts or the basic "little match girl" fashion. Will walk around a little. The hotel lobby is jammed packed with all of us stray dogs from USAir and it seems a few tour buses.

More later>>