Music + Birds

This is a translation in process for a possible idea for the Chicken Chokers and if not, a good exercise in breaking out an illustration into black, white and red--from a no holds barred--full color blowout. This sort of thing is a puzzle for me--and something they dont address in the illustration program--but necessary as a good illustration broken down into 2 colors can easily become a teeshirt or better yet, a logotype. And, it is not as simple as it looks. I will post the final as soon as it gets done and looks like something (which might be pushing it). I tried this before with my dodo bird, stripping out all the color except black and grey--using a big color for the background. Also with the pumpkin (which I did post--lemme think...). It has a clean look that I would like to develop.

We strolled through the 6 foot embankments of plowed snow to get to the for dinner Thursday night at the Pourhouse. There were 2 of the 5 Chokers and family settling in to hear a trio from Maine, Tough Cats. The Cats were very funny and accomplished and got a great reception from the few of the Tburgers that got out in the cold and snow. The Cats comprised of a trio of accomplished and funny musicians: guitar, banjo and drums. The music was solid and the performing, wild. Part of the drummers kit is an old suitcase that he wails on with brushes...wildly gesturing complete with a very mobile and expressive series of faces. They drove up from NYC for the Pourhouse gig and were going to turn around and go back to Manhattan the next day. All in a days drive! Fun. Very Avett Brothers in attitude and spirit.

See and hear The Tough Cats>>