Joes on the Nose

Joes on the Nose
Organic Coffee• Roll Up Service
David Wasserman
We saw this wonderful truck and chatted it up a bit with David Wasserman, entrepeneur and self proclaimed foody. He has this great truck (orange) with great tiki type lettering and the wildest drinks (organic and fair trade coffee, and still looking for the good pure tea) along with eco friendly coffee and foam (biodegradable sleeves (Eco from Canada). He is full of beans and energy being at this business for about five months and seems to have the tiger by the tail.

He says on his website:

I am an orange truck. i am an orange ice cream truck. i am an orange ice cream truck bringing coffee, tea, drinks, zinka and more daily to the beaches and other swell spots of San Diego.

i am now open for business and for general rocking out. keep an eye out for my beautiful orangeosity cruising around. going to be the best orange coffee truck ever. and i'm orange.

Joes on the Nose has organic coffee, good tunes, and will appear when you need me the most.

L'Orange wants to spread Aloha and good times whenever and wherever it rolls. remember, we're here for you. and you. and you, too. even you, though that's questionable. keep on smiling, surfing, sipping, and being the best person you can be. everyone around will notice and i'll like you even more.

you can now get your own personal orange ice cream coffee truck to roll down to your special events, get togethers, weddings, bar mitzvahs, open houses and more. call the Orange line to discuss your ideas, dates, and rates. and please send over suggestions and invites for sd happenings. it would be appreciated. in the most orange of ways.

get out of the water, warm up or cool off with a fresh hot or cold drink, grab something to eat, get some surf wax and sunscreen. roll up service, a la orange.

Who I'd like to meet:
um, you. if you have exact change i'd like to meet you even more.

and he is spreading Aloha whereever he goes.