Jet Blue Terminal: 10:50 a.m.

Flight was early this morning. We took Shady over to her grandparents and she quickly jumped into bed with GranMary and snored away. We had a little delay getting into our gate as there were small snarls around 8:55 a.m. We found out that our flight to Long Beach was pushed out about an hour as the plane from Ft. Myers was delayed. Best that we are on the front end of today versus the end. We are surrounded by women on cell phones working on issues over the phone with their families. Lots of boots and hip huggers here. Hots of gorgeousity. We wanted breakfast and got sandwiches (Kitty had Pad Thai in a plastic box). There is a lady with a tiny, foxy dog in her carry-on. There is a lovely, white standard poodle with a red pinny that R. took a picture of (I will upload as soon as I am in happier, more plugged in circumstances). To while away the time, I have been messing with iWeb (on the the new OS) which promises to be very beautiful and simple. I may put my own graphic design site up as an iweb project to see if I can make it more vital than the dumb thing I have now.

Gotta go>>