IF:Little Things

Little things about the Puritans from Graven Images by Allen Ludwig:

"It can be assumed that glorified souls become angelic bodies but they are by no means the equals of the created angels. Sometimes the two can be distingusihed from one antoher but more often than not the stones are equivocal. There is not real doubbt that the angels bearing the Antram soul to heaven are not representations of glorifed souls but created angels performing their proper duties."
Allen Ludwig

"Consider, if we fear God, the Angels will not forsake us at death. They will be with us all our lives long; uea, and at and after death too; when we must foresake all the world, when our Bodies and Souls must part for a time; when our Souls foreske our Bodies; the blessed Angels will not leave us, until they have brough us into the presence of Christ om Glory... When ye fall, that is, when ye die or cease to be in this world; they may receive you, that is to say that they whose office is to receive you, namely, the Holy Angels, that they may receive your Souls into their Arms, and carry them upon their winges into everlasting Habitations."

Increase Mather,
Boston Minister, author and distinguished angelographer