Thoughts on Memento Mori

Barbara Kruger (who I found out was a graduate of the orange school, Syracuse University in 1965) in a piece represented by the Mary Boone Gallery, showed an enormous piece of output (could have been 12'x 15'--stretched with a stretcher and glass or plexi) showed a color (huge benday dot) blow-up of a cross section of the brain and in her signature typography and red bars holding the type she relates:

"In the beginning there was crying"

"In the middle there was confusion"

"In the end there was silence"

Which kind of says a lot about the death thing or about the brain...or both. I was musing with my friend Tina, curator to the stars...or better the Curator of the Modern and current work at the Museum of Glass. Tina is fascinated by everything and anything and is deep into the Masons, the scene at Lilydale, Spiritualists, obscure and wonderful get the idea. She was telling me about a spiritualist she consulted with...and they tape recorded the session. As they reviewed the tape, there were other voices that she had not heard during the consultation --confirming her thinking that the spirits are not just energy but there is intelligence and involvement here on this plane. So, to that, maybe Barbara Kruger has got the end part a little wrong. Maybe in the end there is silence to our ears...but a rush of communication on another level. Maybe the puritans had it right, that there are spirits about us, those spirits that travel with us through our lives and then help us to transition when we pass from one plane to the next. Its funny how all this stuff is out there when you just tune to the right frequency.

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