On the road

Will be doing a little travelling today to see my pals in Corning. Big meeting day tomorrow too. Need to get the intrepid Erich loaded up to keep forward motion on all of the things that have surfaced.

Mr Palmer made great progress yesterday. Today, it's crush and run...crush and run and topsoil "sprinkling" as he said early this morning. He was shocked that here in sunny Tburg we didn't have the solid frost and ice on the windshields like he had out at the office. It will be nice to have the new driveway finalized and changing the way people approach the house.

Reading a bit in Graven Images--learning a bit about the transformation of the european cherabim into the soul effigies or heads/ heads with wings that are realized in these early colonial gravestone images. These heads are either simple and articulated or stripped down to a few lines with eyes, nose and mouth reduced to basic geometric shapes. Fueling the fire.

The prelim lulu book part two is being shipped. We should see how the crown quarto shape works out. Another thing to think about is that our friends at PSPrint is having a sale on folded greeting cards. For example, a folded 10"x 7" (finished 5" x 7"0--250 cards printed four color one side, or four color over one--$96. Not bad.
May send them some images from Memento or some of the birds. New chicken still in the works. Need to get back on the chicken...need to do at least a dozen.

more later>>