Monday Mori

Back to Memento Mori. Released a sample to Lulu to see how the new size was working. Am changing over to the Crown Quarto size (wider and a bit taller than the 6 x 9 size). I did something new with my layout. I worked in InDesign as spreads, then released the spreads in the document setup page prior to setting up the acrobat document. I worked in the actual size and then changed it (again in document setup) by expanding it with the bleeds--and tweaking the image area with the bleeds before creating a pscript file). It worked like a charm...unlike the last book. Also created an 8.5" x 11" color pub for a sample to look at color, screens, type sizes and weights with the digital production. We saw some little dots etc. with the all black work...It will be curious to see how that all resolves itself.

Back on Graven Images too. Lots on colonial belief in guardian angels and bad angels. Whoa.